Beyond the Line II

11 – 18 April, 2014Choreo-graphic-Figures_Grid-1w

Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham, UK

For Beyond the Line (Part 2), the key researchers – Nikolaus Gansterer, Mariella Greil and Emma Cocker – inhabited Bonington Gallery, Nottingham / UK, as an experimental ‘method laboratory’ for staging an encounter between choreography, drawing and writing; between body, mark and text. Beyond the Line was conceived as ‘test-bed’ for exploring collaborative methods for working between and beyond disciplinary lines. Glimpses of the unfolding ‘method laboratory’ were made publicly accessible via a live-feed video presentation and through a series of Live Explorations which made visible various intensities of the research process through the re-visitation of key moments of shared inquiry alongside improvisatory investigation.

Documentation of the “Live Exploration Sessions” which took place as part of Beyond the Line – which saw the Gallery transformed by three artists into an experimental method laboratory for one week in April, 2014.

Beyond the Line was kindly supported by Bmukk Austria and Nottingham Trent University.